6.17.16 Book Recommendations

“‘Don’t do it’, I think as he moves toward the steps for

her shoes. ‘I will never forgive you if you do’.”

-Kimberly McCreight, The Outliers #1


Happy Friday! How’s everyone’s summer going so far? It has been HOT lately. I haven’t been able to sit outside and read until 8 in the evenings because of the heat, but it sure is shaping up to be a fun summer so far. This week, I have some great picks from three completely different genres! If you’re looking for great books to take to the beach with you for vacation, I’m sure one of these three would be top picks for you.


The Outliers- By Kimberly McCreight


5,000 Stars!

This book was incredible. I finished it way quicker than I had hoped. I’m glad to see that there will be a sequel, because I am in dire need of finding out more. This book was released in the beginning of May and I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC. My ratings for this book are completely my own and I truly hope everyone picks up a copy of this book to start reading immediately!

This book begins with Cassie disappearing and Wylie’s family being asked to help search for her. No one has heard from her and she isn’t answering her phone. Suddenly, an incoming text from Cassie reads “Please, Wylie. I need your help.” As strange, secretive texts from Cassie continue, Wylie decides to obey her friend’s wishes and leave her home in search for her, along-side Jasper, Cassie’s boyfriend whom Wylie has never trusted. As the two hit the road in search of Cassie, who never sends them clear answers of her whereabouts, they find themselves in dangerous circumstances in the middle of the northern woods of Maine. Wylie’s growing suspicions become overwhelming and she can’t help but wonder if finding Cassie is only the introduction of something much more threatening.

Do yourself a favor, read this book NEXT. You’ll be in a book hangover for the rest of your life.

If I Forget You- By Thomas Christopher Greene


3.5 Stars

My rating on this book seems much lower than you would expect from a book I’m recommending, right? WRONG. My reasons for not enjoying this book as much, in NO way reflect negatively on the writing or story-line whatsoever. This book was exquisitely written! I didn’t even find a single grammatical error (which never happens.) Anyone who is a Nicholas Sparks fan will wholeheartedly love this novel. It has a strong romantic connection with both characters, who are excellently portrayed. It I rated this book a 3.5 because I’m, unfortunately, not the biggest fan of Nicholas Sparks, or stories like this. Unless its The Notebook…I mean…Ryan Gosling? Come on, now. That is really the only reason. It isn’t a book that I would typically enjoy, but while reading it, I knew it was a book that most book nerds would love.

Meeting in College, Henry and Margot quickly fall in love with eachother, ignoring their opposite upbringings that could keep them apart. Henry, with a Jewish background, was raised in a lower-class household, While Margot comes from a well-known wealthy family. When the semester ends and Summer is upon them, Margot leaves to join her family, while Henry has to stay behind and work through the summer for income. A brief meeting between the two over this Summer causes a devastating separation, leading them to realize they can never be together. Twenty one years later, Henry and Margot run into eachother again, leaving them stunned and speechless, they finally decide to spend time catching up with eachother, with zero expectations or knowledge of where it will lead. Secrets begin to surface after all those years, that could be destructive enough to tear them back apart once and for all.

If you’re a sucker for love stories, read this one. It’s a fast read and will definitely draw you into these character’s lives.

One For The Murphy’s- By Lynda Mullaly Hunt


5 stars.

I loved this one. I read it in one sitting. This story is about a 12 year old girl named Carley, who is put in foster care after a devastating and deceptive family event. Carley is placed in a family, who have three sons, and who seem to be the World’s happiest family. Their happiness clearly makes them uncomfortable and she has a hard time believing they are truly as nice as they seem. She tries to keep herself separated as much as possible, thinking she can never truly be accepted into their lives. She continues to act in a more negative way, to see how far she can push her limits, but quickly realizes that Mrs. Murphy is going to work even harder to make her feel as loved as her own children. For the first time, Carley starts to feel like this is a life she deserves to live. The boys begin to feel more like brothers, and the Murphy parents are ones that she wants as her own.

For someone who has a strong desire toward acceptance and loving of children that are different than what you could expect, I fell in love with this story. Even in Carley’s darkest moments, I couldn’t help but love her and have understanding as to why she acts the way she does. I think it was the Pediatric Nurse in me that made me fall in love. It’s such a fast read and it is truly worth your time.

This week went by way too quickly.
I hope these books are great choices for your
Summer getaways!

Check back in next week!
Happy Reading

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